Both Roots and Wings are needed to Fly…


This empathetic  artwork was inspired by the notion of home. A nest, the residence of a beautiful creature left empty with the exception of a single feather, leaving a piece of themselves behind.

While physical dwellings are uncertain to survive the test of time, the memories and times spent within are forever engraved in our memory. Perhaps we outgrew this space physically and emotionally or were forced out of these dwellings outside of our control. Either way, We choose to remember them for what they were and for that they remain in existence in our conscious minds.

Roots are essential, they keep us grounded and provide a central location for us to refer back to in the event that we lose our way, our morals and values are our compass. Wings are the tools required to succeed in whatever we feel needs to be accomplished, they are a fruition of the skills we learn and provide the momentum which keeps us motivated. It is by having both of these elements that we are able to finally set ourselves free to choose our life’s purpose. By choosing to fly, we allow ourselves to open up to unlimited possibilities and take advantage of what the world has to offer. All that is required is to let go and trust in ourselves that we do indeed have the roots and wings to fly.

An Inspiring Artist: Chris Jordan

Chris Jordan, an American artist, takes the statistical data of our human society, forcing us to come face to face with outcomes of our nature in a visually tangible way. Jordan focuses this collection of artworks on the social and environmental issues that we face on a daily basis, yet fail to recognize as relevant. When viewed from far away, the image is able to be viewed as just a picture. However, it is upon closer inspection that we see the detail and important message that the artist is trying to convey. These images display that one simple action by a single person contributes to the part of a whole that greatly impacts on certain issues.  By facing these statistics as neutral numbers in a visual form, we are able to empathize with the conflict that this information provides. By becoming aware and acknowledging the data that this form provides, perhaps we as individuals, may feel we can create change on some level and become motivated to help form a solution.

Building Blocks, 2013

chris jordan buliding blocks

“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world~ Nelson Mandela”

second zoom

 14×20 feet, in 70 2×2-foot panels

zoom of building blocks

Depicts 1.2 million children’s building blocks, equal to the number of students who drop out of high school every year in the U.S. This averages about 7000 students per school day.

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