Hannah Berta, student at the University of Maine.


I’ve got a bit of a thing for insects. I’m enthralled by their intricate beauty, diversity, and aesthetic. And thus, my inspiration for “scherenschnitt,” paper cutting, my commentary and admiration of form.


And the paper had some nice shadows, so I elevated it. And now this is what I’m working with.

Naturally, every prey needs a predator.
This is what I’m all about.



Environmental Artist:

Christopher Marley



For inspiration, we must look towards environmental artists such as Christopher Marley. Marley collects a variety of insects and pins them to create wonderfully intricate insect mosaics. His relationship with insects was not always this intimate; rather it stemmed from fear and steadily grew into appreciation and environmental support. His goal is to create a positive, respectful relationship between the audience and the insect, and thus further the chances of protecting the natural environment and the wonders that it houses.


An Artist I Empathize With:

Fritz Haeg



Contemporary artist Fritz Haeg is widely known for his “Animal Estates.” The meaning behind his work calls to attention to all of the animals that have been displaced as humans develop a globalized, sprawling society. His work begs the questions, “What creates a habitat? What is a natural organic space, what is not? How are our habitats, as humans, different from those of wild animals?” Haeg’s animal estates are manifested as a construction of an endangered, local animal habitat situated amongst modern day architecture.

In the context of our project with Hirundo, Haeg’s work really serves as a reminder that the lovely land of Hirundo is indeed our space, but it is also a functioning habitat for countless native species, and it is with our help that such a space can be protected, respected, and continuously learned about.


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