Abby LeBlanc

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been both fascinated and in love with animals. I keep revisiting the theme of wildlife in my paintings, drawings and also photography. Some of the most moving images that I’ve seen have been of wildlife in their natural habitat. We all know that animals exist, but when I see a photograph of a polar bear nursing her cub, penguins snuggling, lion cubs wrestling or even a mallard preening his feathers it reminds me that animals are no different than us. Animals have wants, needs, joy and fear and they’re an imperative part of a healthy functioning ecosystem. When I see these images I’m reminded that I’m just another species in a giant animal kingdom on this giant but fragile planet. We’re all in this together.

“Ice Matters” By Anna Henly
Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012


“Company” By L. Radova (2009)


Check out this TEDtalk by National Geographic Photographer Paul Nicklen

Paul Nicklen: Tales of ice-bound wonderlands

Not only was I able to create mugs with animal themes, these mugs are going to a magnificent cause for some very magnificent native creatures. There’s moose, fox, Beaver, a number of bird species, bobcat, deer and the ever so fascinating fresh water muscle. All of these creatures will benefit from the research equipment purchased when you contribute $10 to our cause.

I’m grateful for your time and your empathy!





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